Importacion & Exportacion de Motores Japoneses de todas las marcas / All Japanese Engine Import Export
Oliver's Network & Enterprises  Allied Worldwide  

Main head office in Osaka - Japan: 81-50 1546 3146 and 81- 90 3861 5641
In Vancouver - Canada:1-604-608 543 4565
In Seattle - The United States: 1-831-597 8758
In the United Kingdom: 0845-280 0186

Talk to us live!!
via messenger 24 hours at your services:

In Japan call one of our mobile agents at:

090 9232 9303 - 090 3861 5641

Motores de todas las marcas tales como/
Engines from all makes such as: Acura, 

Chrysler, Ford, Geo Metro, Honda, Hyundai,  Lexus, Infiniti, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan,    Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, and even High-Performance engines.  
GM-g10-L lateSOHC-4B crank1200usd Honda-87-91-crx-1.5-1500cc-1250usd
Honda-90-93-accord2.2-1800usd honda-civic-1.6-88-91-1450usd
Mazda-92-93-626-2.5-6cil-1980usd Mitsubishi-88-92eclipse-2.0-16v-1750usd-6cil
toyota85-95-4runner-2.4-2.4cc-2600usd-core300usdincl toyota-92-95-camry-2.0-2.0cc-1600usd-4-6cil

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